Pc running slow!


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Hello all,
Right my problem is when i start my pc after i have restarted it or shut it down it will get to the log on screen with no problems but when i click on a username it takes a long time to log in bringing up severel error messages saying that programs cant open or something and then it says windows is increasing virtual memory so after about 10 mins of waiting for all this to finish i log off log back in and it runs superbly but i dont know why it does this just the first time i log in evryday could someone please help or will i need to do a full system restore.
Thanks all.


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Have you checked how your virtual memory (swapfile) is configured? Is this something that just started to happen? Did anything change on your system? Have you added a disk or changed drive letters and previously had your swapfile on a drive other than C:

If this came on without you changing anything then first thoughts would be a virus/spyware of some kind.


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The system restore will be the easiest and quickest way around this problem.
Have you done any system updates or something like that your machine. New drivers or something? Normally the error messages give you a little hint of what program cannot start. Could be some Adware which has put itself onto your machine. Run Adaware and Spybot as well just to check.


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Hello Kragon.
Yes i have just installed a dvd drive about a week ago but this problem only started yestarday i have run ad aware & spybot it found things like deskadserv.Also buzzlightyear things like kodak and it says windows have errrors but when i log out & back in none of these come up and everything works fully.



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There's a difference between loging off and back on and re-booting, background services that are always running are started before you log on and stay running after you log off.

When was the last time you took a recovery point? If it was very recent and you've not installed anything since then trying System Restore is probably a reasonable idea.

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