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I think a refomat is in order again for my system..

for the last couple of weeks, windows explorer keeps crashing and things seem to have a huge lag on it.

I have a 120gb ssd so it was quick and compared to most pcs is still but this lag and crashing is getting irritating..

it seems to have started when I installed the lion windows transformation pack on it for a while but that was soo bugy and a nightmare so uninstalled it..

If I reformat the ssd, can I leave my 1tb alone with my personal data on and still be able to access it after the reformat cause the last time I did it, i backed it all up and transfered back after to the 1tb but with nearly 600gb of files and that, I have to borrow my friends 1tb usb3 drive to be able to do it as i only got 500gb usb3.




When I first installed my SSD I already had most of my data on a separate HDD. I just disconnected my old boot HDD and connected the SSD and installed a fresh version of Win7. I then pointed the likes of My Documents to the old folder on the other HDD and it all worked fine.
Just be careful when installing Windows that you don't format the wrong HDD (disconnect the HDD until Windows has been installed if unsure) or you will loose all your data - it should be backed up anyway as HDD's do fail or a virus infection could cause loss of data.



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Yeah, im backing it up atm.. problem is the 460gb of data.. most of its movies and non essentials...

Got the rest of that backed up on my external with things like web design files, work files and pics..

im contemplating putting in the 2tb instead of the 1tb ive got lying about now.. ( was going to stick these in a nas but hanging off atm as need a macbook pro for work and not a nas so might use 1 2tb in desktop

Cheers Mark,


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