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Will my pc run quicker with more free space on my hd. I currently have a 80gb drive with about 10gb free. If I was to buy say a 250gb drive, would I get a better performance. ( assuming I don't go filling that up as well.)


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You should fully defragment it. Have a look at Diskeeper by Executive Software.

How much RAM do you have? That will usually have a greater impact than free disk space.



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Did you defragment using a proper tool or the built in one? The built in one doesn't really achieve much.

I'm not convinced adding more disk space will make your system run any quicker whereas a badly fragmented paging file will impact upon performance.

Ram is very cheap these days as well - it wouldn't hurt to stick some more in.

If you do get another hard disk, I'd put that in as a second drive rather than replacing your main drive. You can then have two paging files - one on each disk - which will help with performance.


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