PC problems on PX60


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I have a dell SX280 which has a DVI output(onboard) with a DVi to HDMI connector http://www.flairelectronics-online.co.uk/sub1_results_fulldetails.asp?id=898 with HDMI lead but I cant get a picture from the PC.
I cant put another graphics card in the machine becasue it is a small case, the PC recognises that the HDMI cable is plugged in becasue you can here windows ding when you change the source on the TV

Can anyone help or offer any advice?



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AFAIK the hdmi input wont accept a pc input


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AFAIK the hdmi input wont accept a pc input

Mine does....I bought a DVI - HDMI cable today and plugged it in, selected the TV as my monitor in my graphics card settings and it displayed the HD vids on my PC, it suffered from a few teething troubles at first but seems ok in the main.


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Try outputting 1280x768 or 1280x720 at 50hz & 60hz from your PC......(E.G 1280x720 is the same as 720p.so your TV will support this res from a PC)

as some TV HDMI inputs don't support 1024x768 on them..

Have a look in your TV manual what PC res and refresh rates are supported on the HDMI inputs..


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thanks everyone,
its clearly a resolution problem as it is working but not at the desired res.
I'll get there but I know where the problem is now.


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