PC output to projector - Full screen bigger than full screen.


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Connected my Windows PC to my Sanyo Z3 projector.
Windows correctly detected the screen resolution of this "second monitor" at 1280x720 which is the correct native panel resolution.
And I can display PC output onto this fine.

What I noticed however is, there appears to be, what we'd call in the old days, some Overscan going on.

So you understand what I'm talking about I made an example image :)


Imagine the above full image is my being displayed full screen on my projector (Window maximised)
The blue area is all I can see on my projector screen, so I'm missing bit off all sides.

As if Windows thinks the projector screen is BIGGER or had more pixels than it does.
But as I say, the Sanyo Z3 panel is 1280x720 and Windows is saying the same recommended resolution.

I can't see what's wrong.

Any ideas?


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No answers yet :(
But thankfully, I was able to find the answer due to a 13 year old post on these very forums here :)

Over-scan was set to 10 under advanced user setting.

Must admit, I don't know why over-scanning would be the default, seems odd, but hey, problem solved :)

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