PC (Nvidia 3080) monitors flickers when TV (X90J connected via HDMI 2.1 enhanced mode) is switched off.


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I have the X90J connected to my PC via HDMI 2.1 with enhanced mode on, and my monitors are connected to my PC via displayports.

Shortly after I turn the TV off, my monitors start flickering with intermittent black screens and I hear the Windows device connecting/disconnected sound. It stops when I turn my TV on again.

It seems the problem is with the TV going into "sleep" or something when turned off, and it's screwing with the HDMI connection.

The problem also doesn't seem to occur when the HDMI port is switched to "Standard" mode.

Anyone faced an issue like this?

I'm also using a certified HDMI 2.1 cable (verified with HDMI's app).


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Not sure if it'll help but I'm using a 3080ti connected to my Sony x900h using hdmi 2.1 with Sony str-dn1080 receiver for audio connected to earc. I was having a lot of issued and just switched earc to normal arc on my tv now its fine. For some reason 3080ti can't handle earc even know its got hdmi 2.1. Ps5 had no issues with it either.


You're not alone! lol

I have a brand new 65" X95J connected to my 3080 via (8K 2.1) HDMI cable and im having the same problems.... its driving my fricken mad! If my 3080 is at 120hz 4K under nvidia control panel my TV flickers, black screens and funny coloured lines up the middle of the screen.

Every time i turn my PC and TV on i have to go the setting on my TV, set HDMI port to "Standard" mode go back into my PC desk top for a sec.... then back the TV setting and set HDMI to "Enhanced". This fixes the problem but its a pain in the arse to do this every day.

I've been looking all over the interwebs but cant find any clue as to why its happening.... i might message Sony tho.


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I contacted Sony, and they said a patch should be rolling out starting 27/11. But I'm not quite sure the support understood the problem. Guess we'll see.


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Could you ever solved this issue? I have exactly the same problem which occurs only when the tv has been turned off. And it happens after a while after turning off the tv which seems some kind of sleep of the tv hdmi port.

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