PC MP3 piped downstairs via SPDIFF


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Does anyone know if there is a piece of affordable kit that does the following:-
A box that sits in my living room and squirts digital SPDIFF into my amp from my PC music collection upstairs.

Preferably with:-
Just one cable connection (network or usb perhaps?) that allows remote controll of PC software playing MP3s and other audio formats.
Even better if it can display the track name / file name downstairs for easy navigation.

I heard that microsofts XBOX would have a 3rd party application developed for it that would do just that even navigation via the TV screen. I havent seen any details tho :(

Does creatives Audioligy thing do all the above (except the display of course). Problem is it's quite expensive and half way towards a new DVD player that can do all formats and MP3.

Thanks for any ideas



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i think some of the new onkyo av equipment will do just that. i remember dell made some kind of device like that late last year but it never caught on.

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