PC monitor + DVD player?


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I'm guessing this sort of thing should be posted here?

I own the 19" 1440x900 Hanns G HW191D monitor. It's excellent, and it doesn't have the huge amounts of faults I seem to keep running into with CRT displays.

Would it be possible to connect a standard/upscalling/HD DVD player, my new monitor and my logitech 2.1 speakers (the monitor has terrible inbuilt speakers on the back of it)? The monitor does haves both VGA and DVI-D connections.

Another question: How would it handle switching between my PC and DVD player, would it be automatically done?

Thanks! :)


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Although you will be able to connect your DVD player via a HDMI -DVI cable you will run into one issue: Content protection aka HDCP. Unless your monitor supportsHDCP (Which should be clearly stated in the specs) you will see a black screen...

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