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pc keeps restarting


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installed new motherboard minit atx socket 478 as my other 1 dyed

managed to get it working and installed windows but everytime i switch it off it just re-starts

and sometimes it seems to power off but the fan keeps spining is there something im doing wrong.

i think i may of missed with it at the start when i switch it on it comes up with blue screen with pentium in the right hand bottom corner.

is there anyway to get in my settings and start again?
have you checked the mother board pin connectors for the reset and power switch .... if you have them wired back to front / in each others place - this can make the switches work backwards ... ie the computer is permanently on and and pressing the button simply resets and restarts it.


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Another possible cause could be the fan on your processor. Modern processors have a thermal cutoff limit, if the temperature hits a certain point the computer will reset. The fan may be attached incorrectly or may be the wrong way round. It could also be your PSU if it is overloaded, certain pc cards could also do it if they are not seated correctly.

I may have misunderstood your problem as this is only happening when you switch the machine off. It probably is as the previous poster's suggests that the reset & pwr switches are the wrong way round. I have done this myself before so it is easily done.

Good Luck


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i had this exact same problem recently, and it turned out that when i shut down my pc, it was actually blue-screening, which caused it to reboot.

for me this was caused by using the silicon image SATA raid drivers when i didnt have raid enabled.. when i installed the silicon image SATA "link" drivers instead, the problem went away

if you want to find out if this is happening to you, right-click on "my computer" and select properties, then click Advanced, followed by the Settings button under "Startup and Recovery", then take the tick out of the "automatically restart" box.

This should cause your pc to blue-screen instead of restarting, so you can get an idea of what the problem is. Feel free to post the STOP 0x error here, and the .dll file that it's crashing on and i'll see if i can find the solution.


If you are using the same Windows install (ie the same system hard drive) as your previous motherboard, then Windows will detect changes in the chipset etc and think there's hardware problems, causing the pc to bluescreen and go into a "bootloop". Run a Windows repair from the installation cd and this will update the Windows install to work with your new board.


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I'd also have a look in the power management settings in the BIOS as I have seen a similar problem with 'wake on LAN' being switched on.


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