pc keeps restarting


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installed new motherboard minit atx socket 478 as my other 1 dyed

managed to get it working and installed windows but everytime i switch it off it just re-starts

and sometimes it seems to power off but the fan keeps spining is there something im doing wrong.

i think i may of missed with it at the start when i switch it on it comes up with blue screen with pentium in the right hand bottom corner.

is there anyway to get in my settings and start again?


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A bit of a longshot, but it might be the same problem I had with a new PC.

After trying various things, the problem disappeared when the LAN cable was removed. The ethernet controller I was using for my broadband connection had a powersave option enabled which allowed the device to bring the PC out of standby. Even when powered off, the PC would immediately re-start. Disabling this stopped the problem.

It could be many other things, but this would be a quick-fix (access the controller settings through Control Panel; Network connections; Properties (for the LAN you are using) & Configure)

Good luck with finding a fix.
Check youhave the power buttons connected to the correct motherboard socket.
IE = Not the reset switch to the on and vice versa.
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