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PC into Plasma's..

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by gaspx, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. gaspx

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    Jun 23, 2003
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    Hi All,

    Have spent the last few days reading most of the threads on Plasma displays and i've nearly made my mind up.. (nearly)

    The one thing thats stopping me rushing out and joining the Panny plasma brigade is PC input.

    I appreciate the VGA input into the Plasma is the best way of getting nearly every of the signals I want into it, via the JS VGA convertor, but what about a PC ? (this isn't /quite/ as dumb as it sounds!)

    First question:
    Would it be worth getting the DVI-D adaptor to connect a PC, or would another VGA input be just as good ? (or is there an A/V box around that would allow me to plug all my Scarts, Component DVD and PC into just one connection on the Panny ?)

    Second question:
    The other thing i'm batting around my head, is whether the native resolution of the PWD6 (or PW7) @ 852x480 is going to give me a nice crisp image for Web surfing / games playing via the PC, or whether its worth paying the extra £1K for the PHD7 and get 1024x768 res ?

    TBH its mainly going to be used for Sky, PS2 & Tosh RDXS32 DVD recorder, but being able to surf the web is also high on the agenda..

    TIA's all :)

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