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Hello, we are extending the kitchen and my "wish list" would be:

- use the system to play music from CDs, stream music, Spotify, internet radio (via websites), tv and stream films
- 21ish inch touchscreen monitor to hang on the wall. I would want to use this to do everything on the pc
- have the "guts" of the computer in the wall (but accessible).
- Attach the system to ceiling speakers.


1) Is this possible for a budget of about £600 (excluding touch screen monitor) if I build myself?
2) Do I need a separate amp to attach the system to the in built speakers?
3) How much should I budget for a good touch screen monitor? I can see things like Dell SX2210T 21.5" and Acer T230HBM for between £300 and £350 but are these any good? Would I be able to use these touchscreen monitors without having a separate keyboard (as this is in a kitchen) or would I need to spend more money?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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Matt - thanks for this. Is almost perfect for what I want to do.

My only outstanding question is whether I would need a separate amp to drive the ceiling speakers and if not how would I do this?
i would get a small amp to run your cieling speakers. mostly for the added power for the speakers. i cant imaging a soundcard driving cieling speakers all that well.
well kinda depends on the strength of your cieling speakers.

im a bit of a power head for audio, i have my pc tied into a 480watt amp with 2x 240watt PA speakers as well as 4 speakers over 2 monitors and a logitec 5.1 surround sound lol
not sure to be honest. perhaps ask over in the sterio section.

if its only the two then any standard sort of sterio amp should do the job

although check out the skytec range of amps, they are pa system amps but do relatively low wattage amps.

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