pc hi def problem


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sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but i am a newbie so forgive me

I have got a 32" philips lcd hd ready
and also a nvidia agp gforce 6200 graphics card

when i run it through my lcd picture is fine using 1024 x 768m but when i select hd(720p or 1080i) the picture looks good but it does not fit the screen properly, i know the lcd works fine because i have got a samsung dvd upscaller and it works in 720p and 1080i

could it be the graphics card? or do i need a more up to date 1
i have also got the latest drivers for the card.

please help as i have some hi-def divx trailors which i want to see the quallity of it on my lcd


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bit new at this my self, I have an nvidea 6600gt and had the same problem.
Look for an overscan option in the nvidea control panel, it lets you set the screen size.
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