Pc HD Problem for Sammy 32" HD BDX


Chris White


Ive hooked up my new sammy and need to try and get my pc to play HD content so I can see how good HD is.

I went on to the net last night to W MEdia Player HD and downloaded the T2 trailer. I did a test on my pc from the site to determin wheter it can play HD and it said it could apart from the fact I havent enabled AGP fast wire?. can anybody help me enable this on my FX5200 or maybe its a FX5500?. I spent an hour trying to find out where I could turn this on but cant find it? If i can get my pc playing HD movies i want to test how good it will be.? What lead is best to hook up a pc to this tv?

What is AGP Fast Wire?


Chris. :lease: :lease:
Think EDDS meant BIOS - ISTR it is an AGP option in the BIOS? (Is it FAST WRITE rather than FAST WIRE?)
Thanks guys, I didnt get chance to take a look last night and am planning on doing it tonight/this week end. Ill keep you updated.

thanks and respect :thumbsup:
Its actually AGP Fast-Write. it is an option available in most BIOS. This shouldnt cause a problem if it isnt enabled but things in general (games for example) should run a little quicker. Simply enter the BIOS when you boot up, search for the option, change it and F10 (usually) is save and exit, machine will reboot. All done.

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