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    I'm pretty sure I'm now going to buy a JVC GR-DVL150 / 157 and an editing package called pinnacle dv studio is included in the bundle from Dixon's. I've got an old PC (Dell 1997) and by all accounts in the mags I need to upgrade my PC to 256kRAM about 20GB hard disk space and need Intel Inside 2 or above to get any decent performance from my editing. Is this the case or will I be able to run the suite very slowly or do basic stuff initially ( as I've got all the minimum specs as described on the box ) ? :rolleyes:
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    Nobody makes Pentium 2's any more, and your general spec - considering the low price of hardware - is way too underpowered.
    256k RAM is not really enough when it costs £30 per 256. Get 512 or even 1024.
    Similarly 20 Gig disk drives are hardish to come by since 40s are now the standard. You'll need a couple of these if you're editing long video files.
    My dual Pentium 3 866 is just about ok for editing. I would consider a Pentium 3 1000 as a minimum spec.
    The quoted minimum spec on software boxes often means that the software will just about work with that configuration. IT may take an hour to do anything, but it works. Better off going for a system which is more powerful.

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