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It didn't run properly on my PC, I got an error message and sound only, or was that supposed to happen ;) :D

It stated the amazing ability of the virus free apple.

Least this month I only had a few fixes not 26 flaws.

I had a mac classic and also a powermac g3 amazing kits :). But I have used a pc for many years and will continue until MS push me away! Go vista!


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"virus free apple"... not for much longer. Now they're running a *nix variant and people have started buying them for home, the virus writers have already taken note.

You don't hear much about infections on anything but MS systems, funny nobody mentions the phone infections that are out there or the PDA ones (neither needs to run an MS OS). They even managed to write a crude infection that bricked a PSP, so why do Apple think they're so untouchable anymore ;)

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I'd say Apple are bricking it over Vista, by the looks of things..?

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