pc gaming on a Z2


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LOL, i think he is talkin about his projector :)


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No he's talking about his BMW

No wait that's the Z3 :( :eek: :suicide:


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Hi m8,I still havent had a chance to check my set up,but if I remember I could only get 800*600 when I was connecting my pc via that svideo type connection.I couldnt get it to display any higher res than that.

At the moment I have it conencted via dvi(just a standard £10 digital dvi cable)and get get res of 1024*768 no probs.

Have you tried using dvi?What version of windows do you have and what gfx card?


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yes am using dvi lead to my Z2
nvidia 4200 gfx
reading now about a patch for need for speed
ill give it a go and report back


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Had probs with bf1942 when it was set to 1024*[email protected] higher than 70hz(i think).Dont know why this was cause that to happen but reducing the res resolved that.

Are you using nview?

edit:does your desktop display at 1024*768 or can you only use that at 800*600 as well?


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yes am using nview
hotkeys to switch between monitors
tft on analogue Z2 on dvi
tft works fine, option appears in config for 1028x768
Z2 desktop is 1280x720 but options in game config only allow 800x600 in need for speed(crap grafix) in mohaa does allow 1028x768 but screen then goes into pan and scan mode
from what im starting to rread a patch or mod to the game config is required to get options to appear in game menus
broken sword on the other hand came already prepared and 1280x720 in game options along with all the others


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Hi Peacemaker,

i used powerstrip to create a customer monitor driver for my HS10's native res. This works in some games allowing me to select the resolution.

Give it a go.



Depends on the game.

Some have a set of hard coded resolutions and there is little you can do about it, but the ones that use well designed 3d engines can often be configured to use any custom resolution your system can handle.

For example, I get mohaa and cod (both based on the quake3 engine) to run in a 1360x768 widescreen resolution by using the console and keying :

seta r_customwidth "1360"
seta r_customheight "768"
seta r_mode "-1"

These games seem to hold on to the last used configuration so as long as you don't use the game options menu to reset the video mode they will start up at this resolution every time you run the game app.

A good site for info re. games with customisable resolutions is www.widescreengamingforum.com.

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