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Hello folks,

Right now I find myself in a bit of a mess regarding what to do for my next purchase. For quite some time now I've used a Sony 1080p TV connected to my computer which I've generally always liked, plus having the option to connect my other consoles to it is welcomed too. Trouble is a few months back it packed up and couldn't be fixed so I'm on the hunt for a new solution. I had been only considering a new TV but whilst TV hunting is confusing enough, I have had a few concerns regarding running things at 1080p on a 4K TV. I'd been looking at the likes of the LG 43UP77006LB 43 Inch 4K TV and others similar. But I'm wondering if I might find a better value in going towards a monitor. Please keep in mind that I'm currently running a GTX 1070 GPU and due to a lack of interest (as well as the expensive costs) I haven't really been eager to upgrade at the moment. I know my GPU doesn't neccessarily run games at 4K particularly well, hence why I'm still keeping 1080p gaming in mind.

Now I haven't used a monitor with my computer for over a decade and I know some of you will criticize me because it's generally bad to use a TV as a computer monitor but I just don't mind it and prefer having the option. That said, I also understand the benefits of a monitor and think it might be worth going with a monitor over a TV at this point. Plus I've struggled to find a TV that's really captured my attention. I haven't done the same amount of research into monitors that I have with TV's but an early one I was interested in is the LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor which I have heard good things about.

But I would appreciate more advice on the matter, especially due to the fact that going with a monitor would see me lose some of the benefits of TV, including screen size, certain technologies and I'm not sure if console games would look quite as solid on a monitor than they would on a larger TV screen. Some other notes include the fact that a lot of monitors don't tend to include speakers and considering I mainly rely on audio via bluetooth headphones/headset, that probably won't be an option for when I'm playing on the console, a feature available on certain TV's.

I'd appreciate any advice monitor or TV recommendations you think would be worth me looking into. Right now my max budget is around £400.

EDIT: Wanted to note that I'm also looking at the LG UltraGear 27GL850-B 27 inch, but according to a video I watched this monitor isn't very good for running games under 100fps, I don't quite understand why this is the case but if anyone knows for certain I'd appreciate it. Why does this all after be so confusing?
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  • Monitors tend to top out at 32" above that they get harder to find and more expensive.
  • Monitors are typically better for games than TV's due to lower latency, faster response times and PC gaming specific features.

TV's can offer better image quality and some of the high end TV's now sport features found in PC gaming monitors but the cost is way past your budget.

Some high refresh rate monitors behave differently in response time depending on refresh rate, for example its performance may be worse at 60hz output vs its native output 144Hz+, what this means in practice is a more blurry image in motion.

This 27" BenQ EX2710 is a good general purpose 1080p 144Hz monitor, there is a detailed review here (monitor performs well at 60hz and 144Hz). You should also check that sites recommendations.

You can also use Freesync/G-Sync compatible provided you use the Displayport connection on your GPU, this will sync games frame rate and refresh rate in real time so you have a smooth experience even if the FPS is fluctuating.

Alternatively you can ignore G-Sync and leave it off then turn off vsync in games this will push FPS as high as it can go but can also cause screen tearing if you cannot maintain a consistent high FPS. If you don't have a high end system G-Sync is the way to go to keep everything smooth with high refresh rate displays if you cannot hit high fps all the time.

Most 32" monitors are 1440p to 2160p (4K) and are VA panel based, older generation Nvidia GPU's do not work so well with VA type panels if using G-Sync but will be fine with regular vsync on/off operation.

As for TV's pretty much all 40" or higher products are now 4K, you can run at 1080p 60hz output on the TV and it will upscale the image if you can live with that, see the best value TV megathread which has plenty of suggestions.
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