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Apologies if this has been asked already, I did have a look through the forum and didn't find much.

I'm looking for recommendations around a gaming headset. It's primary purpose will be for surround sound gaming, however if I could also use them for music that would be good. Happy with wired headsets.

Unsure on budget, £100 seems to be a good start. I'm more of a casual gamer so not looking to spend too much. Current hardware is below, which is more than sufficient for my needs currently.

Gigabyte GA-H110M-M.2 Motherboard
Intel G4600 CPU
Zotac GTX 1050Ti Mini GPU
240GB NVMe for boot
240GB SSD for games

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have this - hyperx cloud alpha which I am very happy with cost around £80 when on sale but its stereo which I wanted as its got better quailty cans and compatible with xbox/PS4 as well as PC.

for surround I hear this is good but I havent used it compared to the above - its USB so no use to me.



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Audeze Mobius. Best for sound quality but £320. I have a set I use with my TV and gaming PC.

Only saw your price limit after I posted :facepalm:


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I have the Hyper X cloud II and really like them. Good for sounds in games and also okay for music.

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I've just got the Astro A50 Gen 3 from eBay.
New these new are a very expensive headset, but a few on eBay for a good price.

It is a superb upgrade from my Logitech G933, feels significantly more comfortable and doesn't make my head feel like it is on fire after a good gaming session.

It also has true surround sound, not the pseudo type that other headsets use.
The Gen4 is out now but apparently it doesn't seem much of an upgrade on the Gen3.

Only negative is that mates I talk in teamspeak to say my MIC isn't as good as on the Logitech.


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I've just purchased a refurb Sennheiser GSP600 set and saved over £100 - they look unused.
Have a look in the refurb shop. I use mine for gaming and music and the quality is good - but with a wired set you will need a good source to start with and if your dac on your motherboard is poop then you'll probably want a dac too!



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Audeze Mobius. Best for sound quality but £320. I have a set I use with my TV and gaming PC.

Only saw your price limit after I posted :facepalm:
I sent mine back as I really didn't like the sound quality. Clean sounding yes but didn't seem to have any weight to them - I guess sound is very subjective.

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