PC Gaming 5.1 audio problems over HDMI


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Intel 3rd Generation Core i5-3570K
Asus geforce GTX 660 ti
AsRock Z77 Extreme4 motherBoard
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
all latest nvidia and realtek drivers

Setup is as follows
HDMI cable from PC to Sony BDVE280.CEK 5.1 receiver
HDMI out from receiver to Sony 46 LCD

Main issue- The av reciever only shows up as 2 channel in audio settings with no option to change the configuration, this isn't a hindrance with movies with 5.1 DTS and DOLBY however as these audio streams play just fine, but alas this is an issue when it comes to playing pc games with 5.1 LPCM audio as i only get the front two speakers (and i'm not going down the route of Dolby pro logic)
i know my reciever can accept a 5.1 LPCM stream (Wii u)
How on earth do i get windows to see my reciever as a 5.1 setup?
anybody else with a similar issue?
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Furnace Inferno

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Go to Nvidia Control Panel,
Setup Digital Audio,
Open Windows Sound Settings
On the Playback Tab find your audio device, it should have a green tick next to it and will either show as the Sony Receiver or the TV
Click on it and select Configure
Now you can select number of speakers up to 7.1 and whether the fronts are full range or not.

Assuming your receiver already does the crossovers for the speakers/sub for you select full range. There are also two options for 5.1 depending on your placement of the rears. Use the test button to make sure it all works.

Final step is to go to your taskbar and select the volume icon and click on the top icon for your display device.
Select the Advanced Tab on the far right and select the highest audio quality your receiver will allow and test again to make sure it still works.

That should be you all set after that :smashin: .


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Also if you have a 3rd party audio codec that will need setting to not make changes to the audio and send it through as its received.


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Think you misunderstood the post
Where it says choose your configuration in speaker setup, it shows up as Sony AVAMP
It will not let me choose 5.1, only stereo
Not sure if its an issue with my Sony receiver itself
Alas even though I can't select the 5.1 option
I still get 5.1 pass through with both Dolby and dts through HDMI with xbmc oddly
What this does mean though is that it won't pass through the 5.1 lpcm audio from pc games, I only get two channel stereo
The only way I can get 5.1 is to use an external soundblaster with Dolby live converting, which means the hdmi instead goes to the tv and optical to the receiver
This really messes my setup though

Ross Greenlees

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on the receiver settings is there an option for "audio out"? i had the same issue with my sony receiver (str-dn1000), changing the setting from TV+AMP to just AMP solved it for me


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on the receiver settings is there an option for "audio out"? i had the same issue with my sony receiver (str-dn1000), changing the setting from TV+AMP to just AMP solved it for me

I registered just to thank you, kind Sir. After more than 6 years of you posting, this helped me out! It's been a while so I hope the thank you still reaches you! :thumbsup:

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