Pc Gaming - 22" or 24" Monitor?


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Needing some kind person in the know to help me out please, because I can't decide what I want.

I built a pretty powerfull gaming pc a couple of years ago and used to game on a 24" Benq, the jump was from a 17" monitor so I noticed a massive difference/improvement at the time. I sold that about 7 months ago and I'm now ready to build a new pc from scratch and was wondering if I should go back to a 24" or am I better off going to a 22"?

If 22" am I going to be dissapointed with 1680x1050 over the 1900x1200? Or should I go 22" 1080p?

If it's any help I'll be using either an 5850 or 5870 graphics card and the pc is going to be purely for gaming/web browsing (no photo editing or anything).

Thanks - M_Infinity


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I'd go for a 24" 1900x1200. The extra resolution is well worth having, allowing you to fit more on the screen at once, and those graphics cards should be able to handle it with ease.


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I'm wondering the same thing for myself but I think I'll end up going for 24" provided I can afford it (I have a 19" now). :)


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I went from a 20" 1680 x 1050 to a 24" (16:9) 1920 x 1080 and the jump in size and resolution was worth every penny. I bought a Dell G2410 and am very happy with it


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Thanks for the replies people. I was a bit worried about going back to a 24" because my old graphics card (Sapphire 4870x2) seemed to struggle with some games at this resolution with all the "eye candy" on. I think this was more due to it being a dual gfx card and the microstuttering issues. I'll most likely go back to 24" then :)

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