PC froze up when writing to CD-R.... Why??? Help!!!

Iain Shields

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Oct 19, 2001
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Hi folks, I wonder if any of you can give me a hand here...

I seem to have a problem with my cd writer, every time I try to use it the PC freezes up and I get warning to restart.

The last time a message came up saying that I could try going into the bios and taking off any memory cashe or ghosting (I could be wrong about what it said about the memory as it only stayed on screen for a short time) I'm not a PC expert by any means but I had a quick look through the bios and didn't see anything much to do with the memory.

The thing is I am not having any other running problems at all, the basic specs are as follows:-

A-Open 52x CDR
MSI N-Force2 mobo
AMD XP2500 (barton)
2 x 512meg memory (crucial)

Anybody have any ideas as to what I can do to stop it freezing up when I'm burning a cd?

Thanks in advance for any replies...:smashin:

May be an IRQ conflict. Check in device manager - "view devices by connection". Also insure DMA is enabled.

Worth trying a reinstall of your CD burning software.

Hi Kramer, thanks for the reply mate...

My burning software was recently installed when I did a new XP install a couple of months ago, the problem has now happened on a machine running Win 98 and XP, sorry to appear naive, but I havn't a clue what an IRQ conflict is, or DMA for that matter :blush:

I went into (what I think is) device manager but didn't see "view devices by connection"

Sorry to be a pain but if you could give me directions it would be a great help...


btw... I'm running Win XP, and i'm burning with Nero 5.5
DMA settings: device manager/IDE controllers/double click primary/secondary drives & check the status. Enable DMA (if available).

IRQ: View options in device manager top menu). "view devices by connection). See what IRQ your IDE controller(s) are on & what is sharing those resources. IDE's should have their own resources assigned.

Probably just a software glitch though. Did you install any new updates from MS recently?

Thanks for getting back to me mate,

Ok, DMA is enabled in both Primary and Secondary.

Not sure what IRQ is but under the resources tab it says:-

Resource type Setting

I/O Range 0170-0177
I/O Range 0376-0376
IRQ 15

Hopefully this means something to you :confused: :D

Don't know if this means anything but both my drives are on the Secondary IDE with the cd writer slaved and my dvd drive as master, I have recently gone to a SATA hard drive so should I split the drives now (and have them both as masters with one on the Primary and one on the Secondary?)

You can get problems if you try to copy between drives that are master and slave on the same controller, but it shouldn't cause a lockup.

What are you actually trying to write to CD?
Just some mp3's I have on the hard drive...
your problem could be due to the nvidia IDE drivers. A large number of people have experienced cd burning problems with the nforce2 - myself included.

The general recommendation appears to be to revert back to the IDE drivers supplied by microsoft.

perhaps search on
Thanks mate, I'll look into it...


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