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Hi, i know ive posted a thread about this a while ago but still searching,
All i need is freeview, i dont really want to record and i dont want crappy analogue. What are my best choices? Ive got a dell 2405 with S-video component and compsite inputs im not sure what to do, go external and get a better PQ or have everything in one box with MCE 2005?
Any pointers?


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Sweetspot MCE or Blackgold (same thing different name) PCI card.
They've been around ages have reliable stable drivers - and I've not heard a bad thing said about them. /wish I could say the same about the Terratec 2400iDT.

Hauppauge Win-NovaT is also a popular choice.


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I just bought aLeadtek card and had no problems so far... with MCE I just installed the drivers rather than all the software the cards usually come with. Got a very clean install using MCE as the front end. See here for details. I looked at the Blackgold etc... but plumped for the Leadtek, on price / pass through for aerial / functions and MCE2005 compliancy.


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Also, the Hauppauge Nova-T's are now around £40 from Ebuyer.


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