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PC for lounge doesn't need to be high spec


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I am after a PC\Media PC that doesn't need to be a great spec, but I have have some particular requirements. My requirements are as follows
  • It will be in the lounge so will need to be quiet
  • Main use will be with with online music services (Spotify, Napster), checking email and general media playing
  • I will want to connect the PC to an amplifier of some kind so that I can output the PC sound to more than one set of speakers (lounge and kitchen for example, thinking one set will be wireless). I am up for buying a new amplifier and speakers as the one I have now is quite old (over 10 years)
  • We will connect it to out tv (has the appropriate slots hdmi, momitor etc - it is a Samsung), so I don't need a monitor etc
  • We will beusing Virgin media for most TV usage (although will probably want record some movies, but not many). We will connect the PC to Virgin internet
  • We will watch DVDs through the PC, but not a large number
  • Wireless keyboard
  • I wont be gaming or doing anything pc intensive
I have previously has an Acer 510 Aspire, apart from being of a poor quality (I had all the power supply problems that people mention) I never really used the freeview functionality etc

I have seen reviews of the Asus Eee type PCs that seem a good option.

Money wise, I don't want to spend more than £300 or so on the PC bit, with the amplifier\speakers on top of that

I also want to be able to remote desktop to the system through another device (a tablet). I have this idea of being able to control the main PC from the kitchen. I just mention this in case some has done this before

So, has anyone got any suggestions on the sort of PC I should be looking at?




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I have both the Acer Revo & Zotac ZBox. Both are Intel Atom based machines with NVIDIA ION graphics.

They are tiny boxes & both have been attached to the back of TV/Monitors using the VESA mount. They will tick all the boxes except DVD playback as they do NOT have drives. You could always add a USB drive or rip your DVDs.

Both should come in under your budget but the Zotac ZBox is a 'build your own' so you will need to supply HDD, Memory, Keyboard/Mouse, & OS.

They are not power houses & I find the menu navigation (Windows 7 Media Centre) a little slow but they play video without any issues.

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