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I have been looking at buying the Medion Pentum Multi Media MD833 PC from Aldi's.

The spec is:

Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q6600 with Viiv Technology

Nvidia Geforce 8600GT graphics card

3GB Ram

500GB Hard Drive

I will be using Pinnicle Studio 11 plus which will manage the AVCHD side of the HD and am using a Panasonic HDC SD5 video camera.

Can anyone tell me whether this is a reasonable spec for what I want to do. It costs £499.99.

Thank for any help I can get.


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It looks reasonable for home video editing, although there's not much detail.

Question is - what is the quality of the assembly and components and how do Aldi deal with technical problems and faults? I imagine they wont have any expertise in store - there'll be a phone line support. Tbh, its very nice to be able to walk in and buy a pc, but it would be nicer if there is support in store.

I tend to buy my kit from microdirect, mainly because they are big and just up the road from me and they are very decent when faults occur. I recently bought a Dell and had a shed load of problems with the pc provided and they never solved the problem. However, I let them off because they sent me a second identical (faulty) pc (worth a grand) and forgot to pick up the old one so I got two for the price of one :). I fixed both pcs myself :devil:

I guess what I'm saying - theres a lot more to buying a pc than whats in the box...


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Aldi generally support thier Medion kit which is very often VFM
Whilst not a dedicated PC electronic hardware stockist, I would actually buy from them. They have a 3 year warrantee which they tend to honour without a quibble
For "HD " editing it looks the business and i imagine it wont disappoint but it is true that any after sales support will involve taking it back or them taking it away
I have become just a little wary of all PC manufacturerers . I think the profit margins are so small that they make it by selling more large Nos, and usually individual kit may not be "robust". Dell I would say is a victim of its own success and I would buy one only with an extended warrantee

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