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    Have evaluated a few products and am at my wits end in my search for a package that effectively does what playlist editing does on a DVDR. Here are my findings:

    Pegasys TMPGenc Software

    All products (DVD Author and the new MPeg editor) do not allow mix and matching chapters from titles.

    That said the new Mpeg editor is very good. When my 14 days runs out I will purchase it. It combines DVD author with mpeg2VCR from womble very easy for trimming and merging titles.

    reason why im keeping this as i can see that I will have to split the Mpeg files into smaller files and then merge them using this tool using the trimmer to ensure its seamless.

    Intervideo Win DVD creator
    Nearest but interface is no good, ie no frame advanve or speed seletion to find chapter points (called scenes in this product). Auto scene detection is rubbish. Also it rerenders

    Ahead nero Smart Vision
    As above. Nice filters though.

    Another near miss. Allows me to create clips and store them but stores these as filename offset and length. Doesnt allow me to label them but allows me to see thumb. Thumb too small to be practical.

    Yet to try trail VS8 from ulead, but I know its going to render it and not treat it as title and chapter (actually im guessing as my trial premiere pro does this)

    All i want is a simple tool that allows me to chapter my work and then mix and merge the chapters without rerendering, like the playlist on the tosh.

    Is there any software that can do this?

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