PC DVD region free?


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I am about to lease a projector but I also need to buy a laptop PC to put not only presentaions via it but also some DVD's. Now what I am after knowing is can you buy a combined CDRW/DVD drive that is region free?!?

Hope you can help:)


Not really up on pc's but will have a go with the little knowledge I have. On the last pc I used it had a CD-RW/DVD drive combined, don't think it's the drives that come region free but the playback software you use, I could go into the properties then clicked on the file that enabled you to select regions 1-6, some will only let you change a certain amount of times then locks on your last selection. This was easily overcome as all I use to do was unistall it and as it was on a smart restore disc I just use to re-install. Don't know if this is rubbish to you or it will help.


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That is exactly the kind of thing I was wanting to know. So it obviously is at least feasible to play DVD's from other regions on occassion.

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Find the drive you are interested in and then just do a google.com search using its name and the words "dvd rom multiregion" "region hack", "crack" and if it has one a page will no doubt be found sourcing it. Often drives now have official or hacked firmwares which will unlock the region status of the drive. If you update the drive's firmware then you won't need to worry or mess about with reinstalls. As bob007 sais, all you'll then need is a software player hack such as dvdgenie (free and easy to find) which can be set to automatically change regions per disc.

See hear for an idea


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I find power dvd ok.


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Originally posted by WSC
what I am after knowing is can you buy a combined CDRW/DVD drive that is region free?!?

Hope you can help:)
I am no expert on this but i know that the region codeing is a single byte that is included on all dvd's. Before playing a disc the hardware will check with the byte on the disc to ensure it is the correct one.There is software that allows this to be interfered with. Try HERE for some info. :)

Remote Selector is an example of the kind of utility available.


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There's a tweaking program called X-Setup by X-teq that allegedly lets you change the region of your PC (I don't have a DVD drive to test it).

I find the program nothing short of awesome and I think EVERYONE who know a little about the insides of their computer (and hence doesn't mind tweaking) should have it.

Can't remember the link offhand - sorry, I know it's a feasible download on a 56k modem and that it's free.

Hope this helps.

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