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    I am planning out a new home theater system and am wondering if there is a performance difference between using the DVD player on my PC versus buying a separate DVD player.

    I would run the PC DVD output through the S-Video or DVI out (which is better?) on my ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro. Would this be progressive?

    I would run the standalone DVD player through component cable, which I have heard provides the best quality. Progressive.

    Either way, the image will be run through a receiver to the projector, right now I am considering the BenQ PB6100.

    What is my best option here, taking into consideration I already have my PC and would have to spend extra money to get a standalone DVD player?
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    The PC is the best source for a projector based HT.

    The PC can output a progressive image in the native resolution of the projector (you may need a tool like Powerstrip) via the DVI or D-Sub out. (S-Video is not progressive).

    The quality from a decent playback software will match the output from the most expensive stand-alone player. Plus, you have the benefit of better caching which should illiminate skipping and layer change delay.

    The downside of PC is fan noise and the skill required for setting it up correctly (ie. selecting the right DVD software, enabling dual-view, configuring the resolution, knowing how to adjust gamma)

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