pc dvd burner - or - dvd recorder standalone???



Hi, I have a panasonic ds77 dv in/out and pyro firewire on pc.
Would like to transfer family footage after editing onto disc for playing through tv/dvd player. However would like to retain the dv quality. Do i look at a DVD burner for pc, or am i better waiting next year and buying standalone DVD recorder for tv. Simply edit and send back from pc to dv camera, which in turn would hopefully link up with DVD recorder.

Thanks for any help


Only a few standalone DVD recorders have firewire ports, therefore if you go this route you will have to choose carefully. This will also cause more wear and tear on the camcorder heads, giving a shorter life of the camcorder as you will be recording back to tape and then playing back to the DVD recorder.
IMO you will be better with a PC based DVD recorder, but make sure that your DVD player will play burnt DVD disks as many will not :rolleyes:
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