PC does not detect harman AV

David Chomiak

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Hi guys!
I have been watching 4k blu ray movies on my UBP-X700 for some time now.
The blu-ray player, just as my ROG laptop was connected to my harman/kardon AVR 171s via HDMI.
I recently bought a pc with an RTX card. I connected the hdmi to one of the hdmi slots on the card and connected it to the AV. (I have a screen connected too via displayport) however the pc does not detect the AV.
Keep in mind that using the same exact method the setup was working flawlessly with my notebook.
I checked the cable, the ports, the AV, updated all the drivers, updated everything and the damn win 10 still does not detect my AV.
I am familiar with all these tech but I hope there is someone who knows way more than me and can suggest something.
Thank you guys in advance!!!


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Windows HDMI audio detection is a bit iffy.

Try using the DP connection with a DP to HDMI cable, I've found that actually more reliable in the past.

Run the audio setup wizard in the old sound control panel (settings->system->sound->sound control panel) by selecting the output and click on configure, if you see 5.1 you should have PCM 5.1 audio as an option.

You can bypass windows hdmi audio detection in some software like MPC-BE.

Ultramon can also be useful in isolating the AV receiver as a display.
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