PC crash and partition "lost"


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Trying to troubleshoot my Ma's PC. Electrician cut the power and now one hard disk is reporting the filesystem as "RAW".

The PC boots halfway (safemode and normal) then bluescreens. It reboots immediately so can not see what the error message is.

Cannot access the disk at all from within another machine's windows. Disk manager states "RAW" filesystem as above. The machine will boot from another hard disk.

Windows repair cannot find any installation of Windows.

Linux live can see the partition and the entire directory / file structure.

Any ideas for tools to repair this disk / installation? Short of just ripping all the files and starting from scratch...


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If you know a way to get all the files off the hard drive then by all means go for it. Afterwards you'll probably have to reformat the hard drive.


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Have several ways of getting the files off - parted magic can do this fine. Would like a fix rather than reinstall. At the moment am recovering files, then probably reinstalling and recovering from backups (she has backups weekly up til end of March) but it's pretty laborious.

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