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I'm having a few problems trying to connect an Xbox360 to my pc by ethernet.

Currently have an Ntl broadband box connected into a Sweex 8 way port switch, this goes to the PC's ethernet input.

Using the Xbox360's auto settings in media it says connection type wired, gets to the IP address and says failed, I've tried switching the firewall off with the same results
I tried setting the IP address the same as whats on local area connections status but using a different last digit.
I've downloaded latest windows media player and Zune

Any advice much appreciated

Mine's doing the same weird thing, but with virgin media and a wifi router.

The tests fail, but media center and all work. Try it and see.

Only thing is... I'm screwed for xbox live until I set myself up wirelessly :D


I tried it but its the same, I just connected a Squeezebox3 into the 8 port switch and that set up fine.
I tried unplugging the Squeezebox and plugging the Xbox in again but it still won't connect, it goes by the connection bit as wired and failed on IP.

Xp has SP2 installed with all the latest updates.
Maybe a waste of time anyway, I was hoping to be able to play Divx films onto my 1080p LCD but it seems the 360 can't play these files yet anyway
Next month with the latest dash update, it's rumoured to be able to! :D

until then, yeah. Media centre is worthless :p I was quite underwhelmed, revelling in its crapness last week.

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