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Apr 13, 2005
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Gillingham, Kent
I am ready to start ordering the components for my new pc but I thought I would see what you guys would build with 850 quid, the price must include everything ie drives, case cpu ect, ect, ect....

Cheers Darko
I personally would buy an ST20G5 and an 3200 'Venice' Core CPU. 1gig or ram and an 250Gb Seagate/Samsung Hard drive and an 6800 or 7800.

It all depends on your usage really. What do you want to do with your Pc?

ST20G5 £250
1 Gig ram £100
3200 £100
250Gb HD £75
6800 £150-200
7800 £250

Thats getting close to £800 already

Faster CPU X2 maybe and your over £850
I think we can do better than that for 850 but thanks for the input..

Enjoy the new card

It all depends on your usage really. What do you want to do with your Pc?
If its for gaming I would spend the extra on a 7800. And a good 64bit chip by AMD.

Decent memory is important too. Make sure you have enough memory. These days 512 just doesnt cut it. Get at least 1gb.

Some new games like Battlefield 2 need 2gb to run well. I recomend you get 2 sticks of 1gb.
And leave space for future upgrades.
Finaly, make sure your PSU has enough power. 500watt or more.

Get a SATA HDD. Or those 10.000rpm raptor drives.
For gaming less than 250gb is acceptable. If you plan on using the PC for anything else like movies and such, then a bigger drive is good, but if its just for gaming get a smaller drive. 180gb or 160. Not only is it cheaper but less space to access.
you took the build out of my mouth .here is my build.
AN8 fatal1ty
AMD 3500 venice
2×1 gig kingston
msi 78OO gt
qtech 650

Most componants are from ebuyer or overclockers.

i am typing this on my psp so forgive the mistakes

cheers Darko
Similar to what i made about 2 months ago, i went with a venice 3200 as it has the same oc head room as the 3500 and 3800 i think. I got a 7800GTX and 1gb of corsair matched pair jobbie. AN8 SLI (with passive cooling) and a 200GB seagate hd.

I'm using my 3 year old 430watt Antec True power which seems to be enough.

Everything runs silky smoth, so no oc'ing yet and that on top settings with 1600x1200 with max AA, so everything is running pretty sweet. Only problem is I don't play games as much as I used too (i blame the lack of decent software).
Yup I dont play as much as I would like to but I put it down to the fact my PC struggles with game like BF2 and now I am at the point where I just cant be arsed to play because of the load times.
And I really want a new pc ...tee hee .
I am glad to here someone else went for the same build, its very incouraging.

Cheers Darko

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