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PC build, unsure of RAM


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Hi I'm building a pc and I think I'm almost there in terms of components, however I'm not entirely clued up and won't be building the PC myself. Firstly can anybody tell me if these components are compatible with each other;
-AMD Phenom 965 x 4 @3.4ghz
-Inno3d Nvidia GTX 275 (I saw a review and it was slightly better than the BFG version, haven't found a review against the XFX version however.)
-MSI NF980-G65 (it seemed to be the only motherboard out there that was AM3 DDR3 and SLi rather than Crossfire)
-Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000
-Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB hard drive
-LG CH08LS10 Bluray reader and DVD writer

Then I'm stuck as to what RAM to get and also the PSU I need to get. I'm thinking PSU around 800W but I could be completely wrong.

Also RAM-wise I want to go down the DDR3 route as it seems silly getting DDR2 when from what I've read and heard DDR3 is the new technology? Seems silly because then I'll have to buy a new motherboard if I want to upgrade to DDR3 in the future? Again I'm not completely sure about all of this, it's just what I've found on the internet.

Any comments will be much appreciated, I don't want to spend a lot more than I already am going to, maybe another £200 for RAM and PSU.

Thanks in advance,


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That looks like one overly powerful system - what are you planning to use it for? I suspect you could come down on the spec a few levels and still have it perform well enough for your requirements. Especially for the the first system, I would use it for a learning experience as there will be things you'd wish you'd done differently :).

Memory wise - Crucial or Kingston are fairly standard,

Deleted member 293381

Hi Shaun

The AMD Phenom 965 runs hot (TDP=140W) and many motherboards can't manage the power requirements.

Have a look at the Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard for the 965 beastie - apparently works well together.

IMO it would be better to look at the AMD Phenom 955 processor - runs much cooler and not much slower than the 965.



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Sorry I hadn't checked back in a while!

Ermmm yeah it probably is overly powerful hah but I don't want to have to mess around overclocking and also want to be able to upgrade components one at a time.

The new Phenom runs at 125W and I want to go down the SLi route so the MSI NF980-G65 is probably my best option. There isn't many for AM3, DDR3 and SLi!


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+1 for what majortom34 said

Any of the named brands will be good enough and as you aren't interested in overclocking then a lower rated chip say DDR3 1333 (PC3-10666) will probably suffice.

4Gb for around £55.

Good luck with the build :smashin:


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You are all going to think I'm an idiot, I've basically changed my whole set up :|.

There's a lot more to think about then I at first realised!

Deleted member 293381

No mate - you are not an idiot.

Research is all important and the more you learn about stuff the more power at your fingertips. :devil:

Always a good idea to make the mistakes BEFORE you buy the kit!


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