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Hello all...
Christmas is in an hour so Merry Christmas to you all :)

On to my question... I'm building a new pc, its my first, so i was just hoping for some advice and maybe some recommendations. my budget is about £450, main uses are gaming and movies and general internet use.

My Spec so far:

CPU: AMD Phenom ii x4 955
Motherboard : Asus M5a78L
Graphics Card: XFX Radeon HD 6770
Harddrive: Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200RPM
RAM: 2x2GB Crucial DDR3
Case: Coolermaster Elite 330 With Coolermaster Extreme 500w PSU
Optical Drive: Pioneer DVRS19LBK
Operating System: Windows 7 home premium

just wanted to know how good of a system this is, recommendations/advice/changes etc, and if its all compatible

thanks very much and merry Christmas



Looks ok and all is compatible. I would however get an Intel Core i3-2100/2120 instead of the Phenom. It's quicker and uses less power. The rest looks fine.


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I don't think a water cooled i5 is going to be within the OP's £450 budget...

Go with a Z68 board and i3 2100 or 2120 as shadow boxer said, then maybe go i5 at a later date.
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I would have to agree with the i3 2120, clock for clock its faster and much better for over clocking if that's what you want. Could be worth mentioning that there are some places you can visit on the interney to obtain copies of W7 for nothing but that's up to you buddy, obviously I can't actively encourage this but its a option whether you ignore it or not.


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The HD 6770 is the same as a 5770 (just re-badged to fit their current line-up), so depending on the price you could find a 5770 which is the same performance for cheaper.

I agree that the Intel route would be better.

Hard-drives are very expensive right now, you may be better off finding a cheap (smaller/second hand) drive then waiting a while for the prices to get back to normal. A 500GB drive right now is a lot more than 1TB drives a few months back. But that depends if you need the space now and if you want to reformat your PC at a later date.
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no way are you getting a HDD into that budget. how does Case: Antec 300 Gaming Case w/ Green LED Fans
- Power Supply: OCZ ZS 650W Power Supply
- CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 3.10GHz Clarkdale
- Motherboard: Intel H61(Socket 1155) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
- RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit
- Hard Drive: 500GB HDD
- Graphics Card: Nvidia 400/500 Series DX11 Compatible Graphics Cards
- Sound: Onboard 7.1 Audio
- Optical Drive: LG DVD+/-RW SATA Drive for a pre built £464 sound? im sure if you ask nicely they will supply in OME bits for you to put together for less
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