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Hi guys, bit of an odd question and I hope it makes sense.

I'm relatively PC literate but networking itself has always been my weak spot, for example when I built my PC last year I made sure to buy a Mobo with built in networking so I didn't need to do anything.

The built in networking is Intel AC-9260 160mhz and when it works, it's great. The speed is great I'm always getting over 300mb download speed. However the main issue is that it doesn't always connect, sometimes I'll turn the PC on and it will say "no wifi network available" and I'll have to reboot the PC - after which it then works fine.

The other issue I have with this is the bluetooth range is dreadful, I tend to sit around 3m away from the PC when gaming and it barely reaches, as such my controller lags or just does not work on occasions - this has been getting worse and worse recently (the controller itself has been changed and is not at fault).

All drivers are up to date.

I was doing some reading and saw a USB adapter suggested as an alternative (something like this Netgear Nighthawk?).

Couple of questions:
First, would this rectify the issue of it not connecting on start-up sometimes?
Second, would this have a better bluetooth reach for gaming?
Third, is there a better option than doesn't involve ethernet or powerlines?

Thanks, sorry for the very wordy post!

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Its a known problem with that Intel Chipset and the drivers. Maybe look at a different wifi card / USB and a separate BT Adapter. Having them inside the case will reduce their range so 3m is not unreasonable for internal BT adapter. I have an external (MPOW) BT 4.0 USB on a USB Extension, so that its on my desktop. I get well over 10m with it.


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Check the driver settings for WiFi and make sure power saving is not set to on.

as for Bluetooth, as Mushii recommends, get another adapter, you can get LR adapters which do 10's meters but you should be OK with regular adapter.

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Microsoft broke the standard drivers for that chipset in a 2019 Windows upgrade and the standard windows drivers have been problematic since. There are quite a few threads around describing exactly the OP's problems, with no resolution, even from MS themselves.


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Thank you for your replies, apologies I did search other threads but didn't see what I was looking for.

Yeah I've got maximum performance settings enabled so it must be to do with the upgrade as you have suggested Mushii thank you. So would that Netgear Nighthawk do the job for both wifi and bluetooth or am I better dealing with both separately?

I don't think upgrading the card itself is an option because I'm sure it's soldered to the Mobo unfortunately, that's why I thought about the USB option.

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