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PC and new TV need advice.


Standard Member

i am gonna buy a new full HDTV (37" or 40") soon and i have been looking at maybe a Panasonic or maybe a Sony. or maybe someone has some suggestions here.

i am going to build a new pc that will be for watching blue ray dvd/standard DVD/avi's/movies etc, surfing and perhaps some games if i can get the right video card combo.

i have basicly 3 questions but im open to any advice that anyone cares to give:)

my questions are -

1. for PC display text on the screen, working with windows and stuff would an LCD be better than a plasma?

2. if i get a a pc with HDMI builtin the motherboard, does HDMI carry the audio feed? If not i need a separate audio feed from the sound card? is that best? is hdmi the best option?

3. am i gonna stuggle to find a motherboard with onboard hdmi that will display the right resolution at 100hz?

thanks guys


Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
Hello wylie

I'm no PC buff - probably best if you ask some of these questions in the HTPC Forum or get the Mod to move this over there. See Home Cinema PCs - AVForums.com

01. LCD vs. PDP - assuming both Displays are FullHD resolution (1920x1080) text will be legible on both; keep in mind though that PDP can suffer from image retention if you use one as a conventional PC monitor for extended periods.

02. LCD vs. PDP - motion and heightened black levels are the big Achilles heel of LCD so you have to way up best Video playback vs. best Text display.

03. Graphics Card with HDMI out - there are no general rules on that one each Board does its own thing - you need to look very carefully at the Specs. Even different versions of the same Board seem to offer different Video and Audio support.

04. 100Hz - lots of folk getting confused with this terminology. 100Hz TV's are applying a process to some incoming signals - the processing is not being applied by the Source.

If you want to use the PC as a Video Processor you need to understand what you are asking it to do with your various sources discs/content.

See DVD Player Benchmark - Part 5 - Progressive Scan DVD



Active Member
i wouldnt recommend a plasma, as any still images ( like the taskbar on windows ) will be burned on, so i would go for LCD

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