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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sarahandkevin, Feb 1, 2009.

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    hello, i have been looking at a gaming pc from pcspecialist, which has a nice black case and 3 silver rings on the front, you can customise the pc, you can add a tv tuner, i was thinking of buying a pc like that and then getting a tv with a dvi socket and using the pc with the tv to do internet, gaming, watch movies and listen to music

    what does everyone think?
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    At the moment i'm currently saving my coins and speccing up a machine to do similar stuff, at the moment i'm not getting a TV card as the initial cost is already going to be enough.

    Basically I want my machine for playing ISO images of my DVD's and also some DivX and MKV files, i'll be using MediaPortal which is a piece of software similar to Windows Media Centre, it allows you to manage your TV, Movies, Music etc... you can get plug ins for gaming and internet browsing.

    I also want this for gaming, so i'm chosing to get an ATi HD4850 graphics card which has HDMI out and you can put the audio out across that too.

    This should see me safe for the gaming and media side of things as i've heard ATi have finally sorted out the driver fixing the black levels.

    So once I get all that sorted i'll be looking to put one or two TV cards into the machine.

    The only thing to consider with a media pc is size/noise - that's the main thing for most people, once you start raising the spec to gaming etc the noise and size generally increases.

    The folks on the Home Cinema PCs forums are quite helpful with this kind of thing if you get stuck.

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