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PC and a projector

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by saulos_peters, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. saulos_peters


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    I was refered here from the projector group, i hope you can please help.

    For the new year, i want to completely revolutionise my home entertainment system.

    i want to get a projector to replace my TV system. However I can only think of one way around this. Through my projector i want to be able to watch TV, record tv, watch videos, dvds.

    My idea is to build a cheap computer, put in it a good TV card, that'll allow me to watch and record off tele, and has a remote control etc... easy to use, my flat mates are computer illiterate u see. Also, i want to be able to link it up to cable(we have cable tv runnin through the house) I want to put in the computer a good dvd player/ recorder, to watch dvds and record onto from the tele. I'm not really sure how the vcr would be connected, maybe directly into the pj. This would be a dedicated computer to serve the projecvtopr only.
    I have another pc upstairs, but not sure how the distance would work, esp with a remote. although i could get an external dvd writer/player and external tv card. would this work. i really dont know.

    My only probelem is, is that i dont know how to do this. What do i buy, how to put it together. Is this a realistic solution. Is there a better way to acheiev all this.

    I have £2000. The panasonic ae300 i think it was pj, (about £1200) looked quite good, leaves me with £800. please help me..

    Thank you

    Have a merry xmas n enjoy ur selves xx

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