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Hi, this is my first Post on this site, and I'd like to thank everyone for the help they have given in posting in other threads.

I'm about to buy a cheap LCD TV to use with my xbox 360, not quite sure which one yet though, (any opinions would be welcomed.)





I have a 5.1 Surround Sound System for my PC which has 3 stereo 3.5mm leads from it which plug into my Sound Card.

My Problem is, I want to connect the speakers to the LCD at minimum cost. I have read other threads, which suggest getting a decoder, however it would be cheaper to get a new system. Also i'm looking into the 5.1 Games Console Adpter from logitech, but this can only be bought from USA/Canada, (unless you have Logitech Speakers that come with the adapter.)

The TV only has 1 headphone socket, so I need to get from 3x3.5mm Stereo plugs - 1x3.5mm Stereo plugs. Is there any combination of leads/adapters that will get me there? I have also seen some external USB Sound cards which have the correct sockets for me to convert it, however will these work with a 360 USB? Do any TV's come with 3x3.5mm sockets?

Again thankyou, and I look forward to your help.


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You can easily and cheaply get a connector to adapt the RCA outputs on the back of the TV to the mini-phone jack of the PC Speaker system. That's not a problem.

First, I confess that I don't know a lot about Surround Sound. But I don't think it is enough to have 5 speakers plus a sub. You need something capable of decoding the 5.1 surround sound. Like an AV amp. I suspect on your conputer, your sound card has that capability. It is possible, but seems very unlikely, that the amps powering the PC speaker has 5.1 decoding capability. Whether and external USB sound card would do this, I don't know.

The cable to adapt the TV connector to match the PC speaker connectors would be very cheap, a very minor expense. You can try and connect them, and see what happens. If might not be great, but you might be satisfied.

Hopefully, others here with more knowledge of Surround Sound can round out the exact details.



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Firts of all, connecting your computer speakers via the 3.5 mm jack gives a much poorer quality sound than connecting them via the phono jacks (believe me, I have tried).

More importantly, in your situation your tv does not have a DD/DTS decoder built in (or at least most tv's don't). So it doesn't matter if you connect via a single 3.5mm jack or via a 1-3 3.5mm splitter - you are still only going to get stereo output. No 5.1 for you unless you get

1.) An amp
2.) Speakers with a built-in decoder or
3.)A DVD player with a built in decoder.

I had the same idea as you and after a lot of reading, this is what I found. Decided to settle for a 2.1 setup. If anybody thinks what I've said is not right, don't hesitate to correct me. Hope this helps.

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