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I just bought a used Hercules Fortissimmo II sound card which has an optical digital output.

I am having problems getting things to work. I use PowerDVD for DVD playback and BSPlayer for everything else.

The Sound Card control panel has 3 options for SPDIF out.
Main output, PowerDVD or Digital Audio Source.

If I select Main output, then everything uses the optical cable but only in stereo.

If I select PowerDVD, PowerDVD will output 5.1 via SPDIF for DVD material but not for AVI files with AC3 soundtracks (doesn't even give the 'Use SPDIF' output option in PowerDVD).

If I use Digital Audio Source, nothing seems to output via the optical output.

I am using PowerDVD 5 and have the latest soundcard driver installed. Running Windows XP Pro.

Does anyone else have this card and have it working for avi files with AC3 soundtracks (either using BSPlayer or another player).

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I have a similar problem, I can get 5.1 thru SPDIF on DVD's no problem via either powerDVD or windows media player but windows media player files refuse to come out in anything more than stereo.

Selecting 5.1 output via SPDIF my amp doesn't like it and it comes out as stereo.

I did try and find a solution but couldn't so gave up, maybe someone has some bright ideas?


I have solved this problem.

For media files you need to set the output mode of the AC3 filter to use SPDIF. I had assumed that the Sound Card control panel would override other settings.

So now I have everything working brilliantly.

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