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hello all,

i have a 3d passive monitor( 60hz ) does this mean i cannot play 3d games on my pc even though i can watch 3d films?


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Neither a passive 3d nor 60hz should stop you gaming in 3d, what type of 3d signal does your screen require?


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not sure, but i've been reading that you need nvidia 3d vision kit and that requires a 120hz monitor.

Given that nVidia's 3d Vision is a shutter glasses kit then they do of course need an active 3d Display, but you only need the 3d vision kit if you have an active 3d monitor without shutter glasses.

What model is the display? You really want the drivers that come with it if possible, but once you've found out the type of 3d pictures it needs then something like IZ3D's software may work.


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Well, 3d is still in the early adopter stage so there is a plethora of competing standards for 3d at the moment as well as a lack of information about it so a random 3d device could be anything.

In this case though, all you need to do is to go to the support section of HP's website and download the TriDef software on your monitor's page there, a direct link is here
thanks for that. did what you said, at first it did not work. but then uninstalled old tridef and did it again with the link.

thanks again

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