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PB-13U or asw 850


Standard Member
hi all
i was going to put my order on this sub,but came across of used B&W asw850
for good price (1300eur vs 1805eur for SVS delivered).
should i reconsider my order for svs?
I am more into ht than music..
thanks for any suggestions



Well-known Member
I have two PC Ultras from SVS which use the same drivers and amp, they are the best subs i have heard to date.

For me music reproduction is very important and if you can get that right then films will sound more accurate to.

SVS know how to design/build subs that always work out to be very good value for money.


Standard Member
i just got back from an audition ASW 850...didnt like it very much,there must have been something with speaker/crossover configuration it just did not sounded as a would expected from sealed sub..
It is very nice piece of equipment indeed.

Ian J

By all accounts the 850 is a top notch sub and my guess is that it probably wasn't setup very well or else the dealer had room issues that he hadn't compensated for


Distinguished Member

What he said.

Having owned the ASW850 myself and the PC-Ultra shortly after, I personally would go for the SVS, if nothing else then for the extra depth (especially for movies). The ASW850 is one of top subs out there though, and I can't imagine anyone not being impressed with one set up properly....


Standard Member
I pretty sure it wasnt setup properly..heard 750 before and sounded much better.
I just going to order PB ultra.It is new and 45-day trial period is great.
just would like to know what grill it comes with,metallic or cloth
thanks for yours comments.


Standard Member
I just made a pre payment,so just have to wait for delivery..:devil:
I have some work to do with my new processor,going to set it up properly before ultra gets in..:D


Standard Member
I'd wait, or you'll have to do it again when the sub arrives.

would be my pleasure to do it again:smashin:
It is just so much better sounding then my old receiver:)


Standard Member
I have just called guys at svs and my pb-13U should be at my doorstep tuesday or wednsday....:clap::clap:
..just wanted to let you know guys:D


Standard Member
got it home yearstday.This is serious:thumbsup:

Going to play with it more tommorow.

My first impressions is just....is it for real? It scared the **** out of me:suicide:
This should be sold with warning.
..very happy for now..:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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Standard Member
the size of it i could have imagined.I knew the dimensions..,but the sound,...damn that was something i couldnt be prepare for.

I am just glad i found this forum with so much info about subs.
You guys were very helpful in making my decision.

thanks again,i am going back to my HT for now so take care guys(i cant get enough of it:hiya:)


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