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I need advice, I have bought and paid for an item on ebay yesterday. Payment was made via paypal and the transaction went through to the sellers paypal account with no problem.

The seller has subsequently emailed me back saying that he will send me a different invoice and don't use the one that is automatically created by ebay.

His reason for this is and I quote:

"I am unable to receive the payment by paypal cause I'm upgrading my account for a large business and due to their policies, the funds received in meantime can not be used, so you will receive a full refund from them within 3 working days"

The english used in the text of the email has aroused my suspicion and his ebay credentials state a "english" sounding name but he has been emailing me using an email account provided by "foxmail" which according to google is a chinese email provider.

Anyway, paypal and ebay policy state I can get my money back (eventually) but I need reassurance that his statement about his paypal account rings true or not.

Can anyone shed any more light on this please?

I am waiting for the seller to phone me to explain this a bit better, what's my chances??!??:eek:
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Mighty Chipster

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I have just spoken to the seller this morning who was totally unaware of any correspondence outside of ebay.

I forwarded him the fake "invoice" and emails and he has reported it as a scam to Ebay.

BEWARE - never respond or pay for items outside of Ebay i.e. through your personal email account.

F.Y.I. the scammers email domain was ""


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