Paypal Overcharging for currency conversion!


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Bought something off of ebay for 153 Euro's total, the paypal checkout came to £124.xx, but on ebay it shows £120 and when I did the conversion using todays figures it came to £122, so why are they over charging!, and any way to claim back the money without spending half an hour on the phone, imagine the all money their making from these kind of transactions...


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I'm afraid you weren't robbed, but it does also look like the exchange rate was quite reasonable. The figures quoted by the BBC, for example are inter-bank rates for huge quantities (Ian J type quantities :thumbsup:) of money rather than smaller amounts. Anything within 5% of that is average for smaller deals. Sorry!


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Although saying that, given Ebay own paypal and practically force you to use it, you would have thought they would use paypal rates when showing item prices in pounds.

Then again, Ebay+Paypal = evil empire, so I'm not particularly surprised they make things look cheaper...


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I recommend using a Nationwide credit / debit card with your paypal account. Always pay in the local currency of the auctioned item. Nationwide give you the exchange rate without the rubbish 2.5%+ credit card fee hidden within the exchange rate.


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