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PAYG 3G Sim Card deals


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I have a couple of questions that need some advice with.

I am currently on O2 Free 3G and WIFI for 12 months plan with "Favourite place". However, I am now on my last month of the free 12 months 3G plan, so I'm looking for another 12months free 3G internet plan, but I need to keep my old number.

1) Could I simply buy another O2 free 12months 3G SIM card and transfer my number? Or would they know I've already used this plan so prevent me from keeping my old number.

2) Are there any alternatives? i.e. do Orange or Vodaphone do a similar plan on PAYG? I don't want to be tied to a contract to get free 3G and I'm not really that bothered about the free minutes or texts.



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Thanks. However, it's still £10 a month for the privilege of the internet on the cheapest deal and from what I've read it's limited to a certain amount of data each month (500MB) and then you get charged 20p or so for every megabyte over the limit.

I'm after something similar to my current 3G deal that doesn't require regular top ups and lasts all year unlimited.

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