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I was wondering if anyone has this problem or can help me solve why this is happening to me....

when I pause a video when watching something in the video app on my ipad 1, it always seems to reset itself to the start of the video. If I try to 'fast-forward' it, it just resets itself back to the start. This is obviously very annoying when you are an hour into a film, pause for another beer, and return to find it back at the start.

Is there any setting to change this or am I missing something obvious?



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Explain a bit more how you are pausing and fast forwarding. What are you pressing?


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When video is playing i press the pause icon on screen, simple as that. When I go to view video again it has gone back to start of video.

Dr Dog

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Settings->video->start playing->where left off


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Mine definitely does not do this (iPad 1). I can pause it, close the video app down. Restart the iPad completely and leave it for weeks. When I go back to the Video app, it always loads up the same video and carries on where I paused it.

Mine are all M4Vs though so that is probably your issue.



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Think the problem as been sorted. I checked what videos this happened to and they are all mp4s.

Rented a film off iTunes last night and no issues with pausing.

Thanks for everyone's help. Would be lost without these forums

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