Paul McCartney to re-release Band On The Run on November 1st


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Paul's Epic #1 Album From 1973 Will Be Available In Multiple Configurations Featuring Remastered Rare Bonus Audio & Video Content
With Special Exclusive Packaging

November 1st in the UK
November 2nd in the US

MPL and the Concord Music Group are pleased to announce the re-release of Paul McCartney & Wings’ iconic Band on the Run. Heralded as one of the greatest albums of all time, the GRAMMY winning, smash # 1 album - originally released December of 1973 - yielded the immortal title track and world-wide hit “Jet” becoming Wings’ most successful and celebrated album ever.

Paul personally supervised all aspects of the Band on the Run reissue. The remastering work was done at Abbey Road using the same team who recently remastered the complete Beatles’ catalog.

Band on the Run will be available in a variety of formats originating with the single disc digitally remastered, essential 9-track standard edition. The 3 disc (2CD, 1 DVD) special edition features nine bonus audio tracks (including the top 10 smash “Helen Wheels”), rare footage of the McCartneys in Lagos and behind-the-scenes at the famous album cover shoot, original Band on the Run promotional video clips, the One Hand Clapping television special (highlighted by studio performances filmed at Abbey Road in 1974) all with beautifully enhanced packaging. Collectors will be especially thrilled by the 4 disc (3CD, 1 DVD) deluxe edition which adds an extraordinary 120-page hard bound book containing many unseen and unpublished photos by Linda McCartney and Clive Arrowsmith, album and single artwork, downloadable hi-res audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio tracks, a full history of the album complete with a new interview with Paul and expanded track by track information for all four discs. The deluxe edition also includes a special Band on the Run audio documentary (originally produced for the 25th Anniversary edition.) The original remastered album and bonus audio content will also be issued in a 2 disc 180gm audiophile vinyl edition that comes with an MP3 download of all 18 tracks. Lastly, the standard and deluxe versions of Band on the Run will be available digitally worldwide.

The musical achievement of Band on the Run is nearly matched by the amazing story behind its creation. Intrigued with recording abroad in the summer of 1973, McCartney searched for a list of studios around the world. Spotting one in the remote location of Lagos, Nigeria, he became enthralled with the idea of recording in Africa. Days before departure, lead guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell quit the band leaving the entire project to the three core members, Paul, his wife Linda McCartney and band-member Denny Laine (along with recording engineer Geoff Emerick). Recorded in August and September of 1973 (with further work done at AIR Studios in London in October 1973), they persevered through a tumultuous, yet creatively invigorating 2 month recording process battling difficult studio conditions, oppressive heat and a dangerous mugging at knife point. The thieves made off with the demo tapes (among other valuables), forcing the band to record the entire album from memory.

Band on the Run triumphed both critically and commercially. The album topped the US album chart 3 separate times, won a Grammy and went on to sell more than 7 million copies. Upon the release of Band on the Run, then Rolling Stone reviewer Jon Landau famously gushed, “The finest record yet released by any of the four musicians who were once called The Beatles.”

Paul is currently playing five songs from the album on his ‘Up and Coming Tour’. Live favorites over the last 8 years of touring have included “Jet”, “Band on the Run” and “Let Me Roll It”. In 2008 when Paul played a free outdoor show to over 500,000 people in Kiev, a Ukrainian poll listed “Mrs Vandebilt” as their all time favorite Paul McCartney song. It’s been included in the set ever since. At the start of this tour Paul added “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five” to the set.

Band on the Run marks the first release from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, an ambitious reissue program that encompasses 40 years of cherished, classic material from the most successful songwriter and recording artist in music history. It’s also the initial physical release of the recently announced agreement between McCartney’s MPL and Concord Music Group to globally market and distribute Paul’s venerated solo and Wings catalogue.

I already own 2 different remastered versions of this album, so when I read the headline I was hoping that there would be an SACD or DVD Audio version as part of this release, but no such luck.
There is a downloadable hi-res version if you purchase the deluxe edition but there is no way I would pay a premium to then have to download the album. :(


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Just read this on the NME site Phil.

Having recently returned to the plastic stuff and seeking out this, my first LP which was, shall we say, 'well worn' I began the search for a decent 'new' copy then came across this and your thread. So - thanks for the post mate! Will be looking to include this in my pre-Christmas pressie to myself :)

Any idea of cost of such a thing?


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Good news mate thanks for the heads up.

Macca takes a hell of alot of flack nowadays but this reminds me how vital his early post Beatles career was. My vinyl is trashed now so I'll consider this to replace it.


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Been checking the prices...

Amazon have a pre-order of the vinyl version at £40.99 which is subject to a price drop should it become cheaper nearer release time - £40.99:nono: what a crazy price!

What Records price it at £24.99 from 2.11.10

Link here:

Search What Records


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I spotted this on amazon doing a "future releases" search in DVD-Audio, almost fell off my chair when BOTR popped up:eek:

Sadly though, as you mention Phil, no high-res versions and was just the usual amazon wrong categorisation:(


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you can pre order on his official site high resolution downloads for £20. The best part is that it is available in both limited and unlimited versions. Cannot wait


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you can pre order on his official site high resolution downloads for £20. The best part is that it is available in both limited and unlimited versions. Cannot wait

Thanks for the post. These look quite interesting. Details from the site are :


•High Resolution 24bit 96kHz limited and unlimited audio versions of all 18 songs on the remastered album and bonus audio disc
•Download link to all 18 tracks (both limited and unlimited) will be sent on November 1, 2010
» Read more about the high resolution audio

High Resolution Digital Audio: £12.99

High Resolution Details

The audio industry has seen many technical innovations since Band on the Run was first released on vinyl in 1973, the most notable being digital recording. However, with the introduction of CD came two advances, “de-noising” and “peak limiting” which have become increasingly unpopular within certain areas of the music industry and amongst audiophiles.

De-noising was introduced to remove the inherent sound, or hiss, associated with analogue tape. The amount of processing used to remove tape noise can be varied, but when used excessively, many believe that it also has a detrimental effect on elements of the musical sound.

Peak limiting is a process that increases the loudness of music. It is achieved by holding the loudest peaks down and raising the overall level of the music. Much depends on the amount of limiting applied, but at its most extreme the result can be a serious reduction in the dynamic range and often audible distortion.

The release of The Beatles’ remasters in 2009 saw a marked change in attitudes towards these issues, where both noise reduction and limiting were used sparingly with the aim of representing the master tapes more accurately. Such is the case with the newly remastered CD of Band on the Run: tape noise reduction has scarcely been used and the degree of limiting is subtle. In addition digital technology has advanced with the ability now to offer recordings in 24 bit/96kHz. The high resolution version is being made available via download and is being offered in two formats: limited, which is comparable in volume to the remastered CD, and un-limited, which in comparison with the limited version will sound quieter, but retain the dynamic range of the original master recording.

Allan Rouse Abbey Road Studios


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Has anybody purchased the High Resolution versions yet ?

I have just checked the site today and it looks like they have doubled the prices ! Originally they were selling the Limited AND Unlimited versions together for £12.99.

Then they gave the option to buy both or just the Limited or Unlimited versions for £6.49 each :

High Resolution Digital Audio
(Limited and Unimited)**: £12.99
High Resolution Digital Audio - Limited**: £6.49
High Resolution Digital Audio - Unlimited**: £6.49

(also see cached version of the web page : Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on the Run )

Now the prices have doubled. :thumbsdow
High Resolution Digital Audio
(Limited and Unimited)**: £22.99
High Resolution Digital Audio - Limited**: £12.99
High Resolution Digital Audio - Unlimited**: £12.99

This has certainly put me off buying the high resolution versions for now (although I have already ordered the 2CD + DVD version elsewhere).


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A very high price for a download, no way I'd entertain that, why not just sell it as a DVD-A:confused:

That's just robbery if you ask me.


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Not available on spotify either:(


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if you buy the digital version of the deluxe edition you get the high quality downloads plus all the extra stuff like videos etc for £19.99


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The vinyl came today :clap:

Haven't bought anything 12" for years (ooerr Mrs!) Really chuffed with the heavy-duty double sleeve and discs.

Biggest surprise was a free MP3 download of the re-mastered album:smashin:


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I'm a new member and I hope this is a good place to ask this question seeing as you are discussing this great album, which I've had on vinyl since it came out.
Not so long ago I bought the remastered 25th anniversary edition box (CD), and seeing Macca on Later with Jools recently I dug it out for a listen. Marvellous! The songs are going round in my head. So this is the question: track 5 - Let Me Roll It, they sing through all the words and then between 2:43 – 2:53 into the track I can hear the first verse being sung again. It's quiet but I think it's a headphone feed to Paul to cue in the next verse. Anyone else wondered about it?
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Ahhh - Band On The Run.

"Gonna give it all away to a registered charity".

Well, all except £450m+ cos I need that...

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