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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by DoogyDawg, Nov 11, 2003.

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    ok this could be a long one so stick with it plz :)
    on my philips 9617 I get as if there are diagonal lines that seem toshow up only when there is a lot of fine patterning on the screen, or when you get a shiny object like chrome etc, and it looks like it is shimmering or flashing, I cant tell if the lines are moving, but they look as if they are, now...I have tried it just through RF, just the DVD player, vcr, sky, all on there own via scart, tried different scarts, but I still get it, I have tried it on two 14in tv,s and its still happens on them, so I have ruled the philips out, and the scarts,
    now heres the funny thing, I have just bought a digisender to watch sky in the bedroom, so the only signal coming in to the TV is from this, no RF connection, I still get this effect.
    could it be something coming from the mains connection ? and if so.. anyway to cancel it out, the lines dont stare you in the face, as I said they can only be seen when theres lots of detail, the kind of efffect you get when someone has a stripy tie on etc.
    I know someone else posted something about this some place on here.
    any ideas would be great, cheers,

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