Patch panel and switch?


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I am just finishing off my new extension and have about 15 cat5e cables( running to media cupboard I need to terminate. I have bt infinity home hub, basically I'm not sure what I need to buy.Don't want to spend too much £. Am I right I'n thinking all cables go into patch panel, then 1 cable to switch , then 1 cable to hub, Any help appreciated.


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All cables terminate to the patch panel, can be had for < £25. Definitely the way to go if you have used solid cored cable, not plugs. You then use a [bought] patch lead to connect whichever cable run out you want to use to the switch (this means more than the one cable you suggest in your post). Then you have one patch lead from the switch to the BT HH to get your LAN services (e.g. DHCP) and Internet connection.


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Hi snoz,

The patch panel is for terminating your 15 cables -> RJ45 sockets. You can then label which sockets connecting to which room/outlet (so you don't have to remember which is which)

You will also need patch cables to connect the sockets you want to use to the hub/switch. I don't think 1 cable is enough, as it can only connect 1 socket on the patch panel to 1 port on the hub.

I recently install a 12-port patch panel from Screwfix, whose price I found reasonable (compared to some models I found cheaper on the internet but do not have RJ45 sockets built-in!). Screwfix also does a 18-port version, which might satisfy your requirements. However, those patch panels are for wall mounting, not for professional network racks.

I also bought some 0.5m colour-coded patch cables from Screwfix. Not the cheapest but it was convenient for me because I can just stop by the local store.


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Ok cheers chaps, anyone recommend a network switch. I've seen a couple of tp link ones that look reasonable.


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Just about to do exactly the same thing after getting an extension done, along with rewiring of main house.


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A couple of examples above but basically any gigabit switch will do. This would give you gigabit across your home network right to your HH3 as it has the 4th LAN port configured for Gigabit.


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If I get one of these netgear 16 port switches, could I not do away with the patch panel as I haven't used solid core cable.


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Yes you can, just plug your RJ45 plugs into a router/switch. The patch panel is just for collecting terminations, before patching them into other units, such as routers.

Can you take a picture of how your cables enter your server area and post it. Do the cables just enter unbroken from their destination, or have you terminated them nearby the server with RJ45 sockets, with labels saying where they go to?
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Will try and get pics tomorrow but basically, the cables are just run into a media cupboard un terminated and bunched together at the moment.


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You could jut fit 4 x double gang faceplates with 4 RJ45 sockets per faceplate, quite cheap and easy to fit. This gives you the flexibility to use the cabling for other things other than Ethernet if required.


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Patch panels are actually designed for use in commercial premises so that connections can easily be remade ("patched") to suit the differing needs of the business over time.

They are a bit of an overkill for a domestic dwelling where layouts tend to be more static. I'd just plug the cables into the switch(s).

BTW, one practice that you could take from industry into the home is: don't forget to label the cables!

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